Saturday, April 7, 2018

Empaths and Psychic Vampires

"By now, you probably know whether or not you’re an empath. And believe me, this matters a lot! Why? Because if you are an empath, you are the favored prey of energy vampires. Energy vampires…what are they? 

As a good empath, it is easy for you to believe the best about others. Everyone is pure at heart. Everyone is born good. This can seem true… but in reality, there are certain people in our midst who lack the capacity to think in such loving terms. Energy vampires often give themselves away by saying things such as “I don’t care” when asked about others and their problems. Energy vampires have one thing in mind… themselves. Their main mission is to prop up their ego, and they will do it in every way possible. 

Their favorite way? Finding lovely, helpful empaths who stroke their egos and shine the floodlight of loving attention on their lives. Energy vampires have mastered attention-getting. They do it so well, you won’t always know they are in a bid for your attention. Your solution? Trust your instincts and your well-honed intuition. 

How to spot an energy vampire? Energy vampires are often charming, good-looking, charismatic, and outgoing. They often have hypnotic eyes that draw you in to whatever they are saying. They may hold high positions in government, business, religion, the military, and medicine. Think CEO of a Fortune 500 company. Or prominent political figure. Charismatic vampires tend to surround themselves with followers who hang on their every word. These minions often do the bidding of the vampire, just like the flying monkeys in The Wizard of Oz. These are aggressive energy vampires."
Excerpted from Dodging Energy Vampires.

Then we will have passive energy vampires. They portray themselves as victims. Empaths again will seek to aid those in need, they just have to be careful of only helping those who want to help themselves. Many passive vampires will seek out attention by playing the victim.

They seek out listeners who will feel their pain. Empaths who are naturally happy people may make the mistake to offer guidance to these passive vampires; for they know they would not want to always feel that way themselves. They will try to make the passive vampire as happy as they feel by suggesting ways and paths the passive vampire can try to reverse what they perceive as the pain they feel. After many years of having a passive vampire as a friend they will notice that the passive vampire has not grown or very little and still has a daily or weekly catastrophe. An empath will feel drained after the conversation and the passive vampire will be skipping away after the conversation with new found energy.

No matter how much advice an empath may offer, the passive energy vampire will never listen. They only wait for their turn to speak again. They will interrupt the empath or the other in the conversation because it is too important for them not to forget what is on their mind by waiting for their turn to speak. At times you will find a passive energy vampire by their inability to think that speaking to you for a half hour and only letting you ad a nod, a yep, or oh into the conversation is normal and fair to you.

Conversation means to verse or talk with someone, not at. Same with dialogue: two people talking. The passive emotional vampire may or may not know this, but they will be compelled to talk at you and talk over you if you try to speak. Their emotions always will override you or even just the truth of logic.

You can spot them on the street. They are the ones who are dying to make contact with anyone and will tell you their horrible life story within the first 5 minutes of you knowing them. you can just feel the dark cloud around them.

In relationships the aggressive energy vampire is very affront in his actions to hurt you and the passive energy vampire is very subtle. The first will eviscerate you emotionally once lured in and the passive will do the same, but will just creep up on you. Together the aggressive strikes first and the passive waits to spring its revenge. The aggressive feels attacked when it was actually trying to be kind and attacks again in revenge. The cycle goes on and gets destructive. The phrase, "Who is the slayer, who is the victim? Speak!" fits this relationship. So both will seek empaths and those who feel very little like those with Aspergers Syndrome.

"When you’re looking at your relationships and your interactions with someone whom you suspect to be an aggressive energy vampire, look for the use of these common manipulation tactics: Being aggressive or covertly aggressive to get their own way. The need to always “win.” They won’t take “no” for an answer, and if you try to resist, they wear you down until you give up. Lies that portray them in the best light, no matter what the situation—or their real part in it. Blaming others for their own hurtful actions. Laying on guilt trips in order to make you feel bad. "
Excerpted from Dodging Energy Vampires. 

When you're looking at your relationships and interactions with someone whom you suspect to be a passive energy vampire, look for the use of these common manipulation tactics: always sharing their pain, not listening, talking over you,  always in trouble, sharing with others what they told you in strict confidence, latching from one person to another, they make you feel like your walking on eggshells, always taking actions to keep them in a depressed or dangerous state, and they do not like things to get better or worse in their life, and they are very draining.

Getting attention from someone with an energy vampire’s qualities can be flattering at first, especially if you are not used to it. This person likes me? Not so fast. Energy vampires are never really interested in us. They are interested in how you make them feel, while they are plugging into and draining your energy. That’s right…energy vampires thrive by stealing your energy. 

Empaths can transform negative energy quicker than others. They are also very highly looked upon in the community, if they know it or not. They have an invisible shine that can be felt by others. They tend to have great self respect and natural talents. People are drawn to them. There is a lot to feed on for an energy vampire. Why does People Magazine or the like want to rip Tom Cruise apart instead the homeless guy on Fifth and Main Streets? Because Tom Cruise has more energy to steal from. Empaths are like the Tom Cruises to the energy vampires. Empaths have lots of energy, they transfer negative emotions quick, and fill up quicker once drained.

I call the energy they drain from us their “narcissistic supply.” Energy vampires are thrilled when you admire, fawn over and spend your time occupied with their life and problems. Finally, someone who gets how important they are! The trouble is… they’re a bottomless pit, and no matter how hard you try, you can never solve their issues for real. Energy vampires are great at creating problems, and they are only interested in the appearance of wanting solutions when it jeopardizes their narcissistic supply. 

That is, if you are threatening to take yourself away from them, they’ll do just about anything to make you stay. Never believe an energy vampire when they promise they will change. “Change” is simply not in their playbook. Stay tuned for my next email, where I explore the dynamic between the empath and the energy vampire. If you’ve found yourself mixed up with one, I will show how you can extricate yourself. You can learn about this topic and more in Christiane Northrup M.D. new book, Dodging Energy Vampires: An Empath’s Guide to Evading Relationships That Drain You and Restoring Your Health and Power

This book teaches you, in-depth, how to: Identify if you are an empath and what that means. Connect with your emphatic intuition to become an energy vampire heat seeker who can spot a vampire across the room, before they strike. Find your inner strength and heal your wounds, shame and guilt so that you become invulnerable to energy vampires. Excellent book to look into thought I would share with you all. 

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