Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Blue Full Moon followed by an April Fools Easter!

This morning at precisely 5:37am PDT, an incredibly rare Libra Full Blue Moon reached its pinnacle, casting light into the deepest corners of the Earth and bringing March to a glorious close. Libra energy creates beautiful balance and harmony and remains calm a midst chaos, confusion and uncertainty…

And with Mercury Retrograde madness currently in full swing, this magnificent moon came not a moment too soon.

→ One could even say it's divine timing...

Because it just so happens to be the eve of the most magical month of the year.
That’s right, April is Angel Month!

Not only is April a “6” Universal Month (4/2018=4+2+0+1+8=15; 1+5=6), the number of love, but the #6 is directly linked to your heart chakra and loving Venus, planetary ruler of today's Libra Full Blue Moon!

Coincidence? Not even a little...

Love is the language of Angels, so expect April to be overflowing with it!

Be ready I would like everyone to push forward with Love this month. Let us all watch it spread over the land. Seeping into our consciousness showing us the way-feeling and swaying within the magic of the love that is flowing from all of us. It is the time to climb into the coming of the fifth dimension which will be full of the Love Angel and Peace.

With the Love of the Angels,
~Rev. Barbara
The Salem Love Psychic