Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Is it Your First Reading?

So it is your first reading; how should you prepare. My favorite divination type are the Runes. They were made by merchants to keep track of their sales, inventory, and divine and plan their business' future. So what should you do before your first reading; your homework...

Homework! Yes homework. What question do you want to ask? Can you ask it clearly? Do you already know the answer? Before your visit your first psychic, prepare. The form of divination, really does not matter. What matters is your preparation.

Sure you can just show up and have a psychic awe you. Some people just like the magic of it all. To be amazed someone can guess the color of your underwear, but your first reading could be so much more and help you shape your future! Some psychics might guess something randomly about you and give you some advice, but were you ready for that question and answer. Will you make the most out of it. That questioned they divined, was it really the most important issue in your life? So would you want more from your reading than the shock of it or a random question and answer? To avoid this I say again, homework!

Homework. Prepare your questions. Understand the issues surrounding them. Bring the psychic some options of what goals you want to accomplish in life. Bring them some introspective on your life, questions, and goals. 

When I use the Runes for my clients, it is more of a brainstorming session. It is strategic planning. In fact the Runes were created to plan out the process of finance for:
  • seeds
  • how to plant the seeds
  • how to plan with others
  • how much luck you have
  • how you handle adversity
  • your continue planning with others
  • tending to your business
  • harvesting
  • bringing it to market
  • preparing to do it all over again
 I believe the Universe helps those who help themselves. The secret is to know yourself. When that happens you ask questions about your real self. Which results in real answers that are for your true self!

Then once you find a psychic you really connect to, it can turn into mastermind sessions. You end up  in the driver's seat and the psychic can suggest the traffic conditions and roads to to take. It is a spiritual GPS.  The most important part, is that you chose the journey and the goal. The psychic helps map it out and tries to steer you around the pitfalls. They also can sometimes help you avoid a vacation during the hurricane season. Mastermind sessions to create the love in your life which can bring the right business venture, a healthy family, a great partner, and the best place to live. They can help you on the way to your bliss and happiness, which is the best destination!

Your future readings can be so much more. They can be the way to finding yourself and bringing you to the best possible you, but you need to do the majority of the work. The psychics role is not to have you rely on their direction, but to guide! So do your homework and you will get the most for your buck throughout your life visiting the psychic of your choice!