Monday, December 25, 2017


"Have a nice day, somewhere else."
~Lemmy Kilminster

I once had an ex-fiance. I hated her so much she could strip my ability to speak when I had seen her. The words all became twisted and bitter in my throat and choked me, not her. She never felt the hate, it was only in my heart. It was only doing me harm. I love myself, so why was I hurting myself?

The flipside of it is when you love your neighbor, you are loving Christ. The circumpunct is a circle within a circle and the center of the Celtic cross. They said Christ realized he was god only when his heart was where that circle meets on the cross. Before then, he was just a man. Just like him we are god as well. To love god is to love our self. To love those you hate is being able to face the reflection of the parts of yourself you hate. To move past that is to truly love yourself.

So I sought her out and became friends. The attraction was gone, but I got to have a new friend. Most important I was not hurting myself anymore...