Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Mercury Retrograde 101

Mercury Retrograde Review 

 If you have been reading here for a while, you hear me use the “re” themes when it comes to retrograde period. This is the key to every retrograde period, and most certainly to Mercury Retrogrades which are the only ones occurring several times a year. Mercury is a smaller planet and thus its retrogrades are not as impactful as others.

In other words, when bad things happen during Mercury retrograde, they aren′t as big or epic as changes that happen in our lives during other major planetary transits.
Of course, having a flight delayed or a computer crashing seems life changing at the time, but is it really? Use “re” themes present in every Mercury retrograde, and every retrograde in general, and you will find that Mercury retrograde is actually a blessing in disguise. New computer perhaps if you see a big crash?

We experienced the great Orange Juice Spill of 2014 during one Mercury retrograde, and it led to some much brighter computer days ahead, but it didn't feel so bright at the time. Having a flight delayed could also mean getting some extra time to chat up someone cute who is just as frustrated as you are.

Let′s “re” view what happens during Mercury retrograde. Here we have the planet that rules communication, messages, and short journeys taking a dip back a little bit. Many people mistakenly think that a retrograde means the planet is moving backwards. It only feels that way. Mercury “re"trograde actually just means the planet is moving slower.

Of course, this means all things this planet rules are going to be slower as well. Also, when a planet is direct, or moving forward at regular speed, its themes are present through external events or experiences. However when a planet is retrograde, the things you are experiencing are internal. Therein lies the beauty of Mercury retrograde, and how you can use this period to resolve conflicts in your life. This Summer′s Mercury retrograde is happening from August 13 to September 5. The most wrinkly days will be on the days Mercury goes retrograde, on August 13, and when it turns direct again, on September 5.

On August 13, Mercury will make a station, or almost come to a full stop, and start to slow down. It will do so in the Mutable Earth Sign Virgo. It will stay retrograde in Virgo until August 31. Because Mercury is still moving, just slower, it is now going backwards through the zodiac and will be retrograde in the Fixed Fire Sign Leo on August 31.

With the Love of the Angels,
~ Rev Barbara
The Love Psychic