Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Happy Fall !!!

9/22 Equinox + Libra Season = Nostalgia & Chill Vibes Ahead

As the final quarter of the year draws closer, prepare for the most poignant transitionary period of the year! Saturday's Equinox (9/22) is a catalyst for nostalgia and invites you to harvest the fruits of your labor. Take time to recognize your personal efforts and progress so far this year! The Equinox marks the perfect balance of day and night. It encourages you to reach inward and give gratitude for the abundance you already have, as well as celebrate your potential for future prosperity. But that's not all, Saturday also marks the start of Libra Season! After a Virgo-liscious month of organizing, decluttering and re-designing your life, the easy-going and fair-minded Libra inspires a more laid-back vibe. Careful not to go with the flow too much though – becoming lackadaisical when the Sun is ruled by this unassuming sign could undo all you've accomplished this year. Like the Equinox, Libra is all about balance! It's vital you're well-prepped to keep this veritable sign from sabotaging your progress in 2018! May the scales tip in your favor this month.

With the Love of the Angels,
~Rev. Barbara
The Salem Love Psychic

The Past? Are you still in it...

Living in the past is a dull and lonely business; looking back strains the neck muscles, causes you to bump into people not going your way" ― Edna Ferber

Also you cannot change it. You can look at the situation and try to correct it. That is if you can see what went wrong. Try and always move into the future. Living in the past will not help and put you behind the problem.

With the Love of the Angels,
~Rev. Barbara
 The Salem Love Psychic

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

The Secret to Sucess is Inspiration

Whatever it is that you envision for yourself—no matter how lofty or impossible it may seem to you right now—I encourage you to begin acting as if what you would like to become is already your reality. This is a wonderful way to set into motion the forces that will collaborate with you to make your dreams come true. To activate the creative forces that lie dormant in your life, you must go to the unseen world, the world beyond your form. Here is where what doesn’t exist for you in your world of form will be created. You might think of it in this way: In form, you receive in-formation. When you move to spirit, you receive in-spiration. It is this world of inspiration that will guide you to access anything that you would like to have in your life.

What It Means to Become Inspired?

Place your thoughts on what it is you’d like to become—an artist, a musician, a computer programmer, a dentist, or whatever. In your thoughts, begin to picture yourself having the skills to do these things. No doubts. Only a knowing. Then begin acting as if these things were already your reality. As an artist, your vision allows you to draw, to visit art museums, to talk with famous artists, and to immerse yourself in the art world. In other words, you begin to act as an artist in all aspects of your life. In this way, you’re getting out in front of yourself and taking charge of your own destiny at the same time that you’re cultivating inspiration.

The more you see yourself as what you’d like to become, the more inspired you are. By having the courage to declare yourself as already being where you want to be, you will almost force yourself to act in a new, exciting, and spiritual fashion. You can also apply this principle to areas other than your chosen vocation. If you’re living a life of scarcity, and all of the nice things that many people have are not coming your way, perhaps it’s time to change your thinking and act as if what you enjoy having is already here.

Visualize the beautiful automobile that’s your dream car and paste it on your bedroom door, as well as on the refrigerator. While you’re at it, paste it on the dashboard of the car you’re now driving! Visit a showroom, sit in your car, and note the beautiful new-car aroma. Run your hands over the seats, and grip the steering wheel. Walk all around your car, appreciating the lines of it. Take your car for a test drive, and visualize that you’re entitled to drive this car, that you’re inspired by its beauty, and that it’s going to find a way into your life. In some way, somehow, this is your car. Talk to others about your love for this car. Read about it. Bring up a picture on your computer screen, and leave it there to view each time you’re near that computer.

All of this may seem silly to you, but when you become inspired and act as if what you want is already here, you’ll activate those dormant forces that will collaborate to make this your reality.Whatever it is that you envision for yourself—no matter how lofty or impossible it may seem to you right now—I encourage you to begin acting as if what you would like to become is already your reality. This is a wonderful way to set into motion the forces that will collaborate with you to make your dreams come true. 

With the Love of the Angels,
~Rev. Barbara 
The Salem Love Psychic

Friday, July 27, 2018

The Longest Eclipse in a 100 Years and its Magical Meanings

The longest eclipse of our century is gracing our skies tonight.For 1 hour and 43 minutes (at 4:20pm EST), the Earth will cast a shadow on our Moon. This heavenly spectacle will be a powerful psychic phenomenon as well. The Moon represents your inner light, your emotions and intuition. When she is cast in darkness during an eclipse, it is a time of deep inner revelations and knowing. Eclipses bring elements of your personal shadow to light. All that has been previously hidden from your consciousness can be revealed.

The messages and meaning in this eclipse
are magical.
  • Mercury went retrograde yesterday in Leo, the same sign as our Sun, bringing greater consciousness to your thoughts and actions.
  • Mars is retrograde in Aquarius, the same sign as our Moon, conjunct the Moon's South Node, which initiates past life healing and deep transformation.
Retrogrades always connect you more deeply to your inner world and emotions. We currently have four planets in retrograde.

The Sun and Moon will be at 4 degrees 44 in Leo/Aquarius respectively. 4:44 is the number of manifesting your heart's desires.

July 27th is a 9-9-9 day
(July is a 9 Universal Month 7 + 2+0+1+8 = 9, the eclipse is happening on the 27th day of our month 2+7 = 9, and it's also a 27/9 Universal Day.)

The synchronicity of these symbolic messages are profound.

9 is the number of LETTING GO of your past wounds so you can be a leader and light unto the world. This heavenly alignment is the perfect time to RELEASE any beliefs that you are not good enough or not worthy enough to truly fulfill your heart's desires.

It's time to TUNE IN to the deepest aspects of your soul and step into your power. You are meant to be a light in the world. As the Moon is steeped in shadow during this eclipse, it is a reminder from the Universe to shine your inner light brightly.

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Weekly Astrology~ The Longest Eclipse and What it has in Store for You!

There's a whole lot happening in the heavens! So much so, that you might be feeling as if everything is coming at you at once...because it is! Whether your work and home responsibilities are piling up, or you feel LOTS of emotions and memories rising to the's all part of the divine plan. We're in the middle of eclipse season. 

This can sometimes feel like the stars are throwing shade at you! We're headed toward our longest lunar eclipse of the century on Friday. During this time, the Moon will be eclipsed by the shadow of the Earth. This is not only an astrological phenomenon, you'll experience this psychically as well. 

The Moon governs your emotions. During eclipse season, light is most strongly shining upon your inner world. You'll have many revelations and buried emotions bubbling to the surface. Your subconscious fears might reveal themselves through your dreams, memories, and circumstances. You're not doing anything wrong. This is heaven's way of helping you heal. 

You're ready now for new opportunities! On Thursday, just a day before our eclipse - Mercury, goes retrograde. Mercury is our planet of communication. It governs your mind and thoughts, as well as how you speak and connect with others. When Mercury goes retrograde, it's time to catch up with yourself! It's such a busy world. When Mercury goes retrograde, it's a gift from the Universe to re-connect with the subtle intuitive messages that you might have previously overlooked. It is a fertile time to re-evaluate your life, and reflect on what's important to you. 

Instead of rushing ahead in your life - take time to process your emotions, and tune into your soul. Change your inner world to transform your life image The Universe is speaking loud and clear now. You're being shown that in order for you to make the changes you want in your life, you need to change how you think and feel about yourself. 

Simply trying to force your way through manifesting your intentions isn't always effective. When you are in alignment with your soul's intention, that's when doors open up for you and opportunities abound! Make the most of this powerful eclipse season Use this incredibly potent time to slow down, and tune into your inner voice. It's an amazingly powerful time to heal old wounds, and align your energy with how you would like to be and FEEL.

Looking forward to this new beginning!
With the Love of the Angels,
~Rev. Barbara 
The Salem Love Psychic

Monday, July 9, 2018

Words of Wisdom from Wayne Dwyer

 Excerpt from Hay' House Newsletter:

"Oneness with our Source is achieved by becoming like It, and Its essence is giving and sharing. Therefore, in order to know our purpose and heed our ultimate call to inspiration, we must also become a being who’s more focused on sharing than on receiving. 

This Universe works on the Law of Attraction—so the more we shift the focus from our desires to wanting more for others, the richer we become. When we tell the Universe to “Gimme, gimme, gimme,” it responds in like fashion, and we find ourselves feeling put upon and out of balance. But when we ask the Universe, “How may I share?” it will ask, “How may I share with you? You are a being of sharing, and I return the same energy back to you.”
Now this may at first seem absurd, particularly if we’ve been raised on an ego consciousness that’s stressed the need to “look out for number one,” and “get what I can before someone else does.” But I assure you that when we make the transformation to a being of sharing, the question of how to become inspired will disappear. So whenever we find ourselves “wanting more,” the solution is to do more for society, for humanity, or for the environment. Any act of sharing as a response to our wants leads to feeling inspired. The fact is, it just plain feels good to do something for others. 

When I completed writing The Power of Intention a couple of years ago, for instance, I had such a glorious feeling of having been guided through the writing that I wanted to express my gratitude in some way other than taking credit for it or thinking about myself. That’s when I thought of my personal editor, Joanna Pyle, who has taken my disjointed thoughts and ramblings and turned them into cohesive books for over three decades. I knew that in all of her 65 years, my friend had never known the joy of owning a new car—it simply hadn’t been a priority in her life. So I arranged for Joanna to receive a brand-new camper van as an expression of my gratitude for all of her brilliant editing, going back to the 1970s. In that single act of sharing, I received as much joy and fulfillment as I did from writing the contents of a book that consumed me for almost a year. 

Understand that this isn’t necessarily about giving our possessions or money away; rather, it’s about living in the same vibrational energy as our Source and attracting that energy in each other. It’s about thinking of others before ourselves and offering the love we feel for all of life, first in our thoughts and then in our actions . . . and that’s how we make a connection to inspiration. This is because we’ve become one with our Source in thought and then action, or as Goethe puts it so perfectly, “[W]e still possess the greatest of all freedoms, the power of developing our innermost selves in harmony with the moral order of the Universe, and so winning peace at heart.” A being of sharing frequently thinks in those terms.
When we contemplate our Creator, we realize that God simply gives and imparts without demanding anything in return. We aren’t required to give to, pay homage to, or do anything for God. It’s our demands that distance us from feeling inspired—so we need to let go of them and extend ourselves in an attitude of sharing. I speak here of an inner transformation in which extending love outward is our predominant disposition. This can take the form of a silent blessing toward someone we might have previously judged, a loving greeting, a kind remark, or a thought wishing the highest good for all concerned. As simple as it sounds, this is the ultimate impetus for feeling inspired. 

This is the true understanding of what life is all about.

Hope you enjoyed some wisdom from favorite enlighten soul! 

With the Love of the Angels,
~Rev. Barbara 
The Salem Love Psychic

Weekly Astrology: Number 9

Number 9, Number 9, Number 9

Don't fear the 9; July guides us into the latter half of 2018 with some misunderstood blessings, and it’s all down to the mischievous #9. July is a 9 Universal Month (7+2+0+1+8=18; 1+8=9) which signifies endings, completions and letting go. But, don’t let this get you into a spin; nothing is being taken away from you, any endings you experience are a benevolent gift from the Universe. So, instead of letting the 9 cause you worry, you must shift your mindset and extract the magic that this powerful number brings. Allow yourself to cleanse out habits that impede you from being vivacious in the world, close the door on the obsolete, and embrace the miracle of this wondrous opportunity. Your future self will thank you for it...

On the lighter side of things; here is the old School House Rock number Naughty Number Nine:

 With the Love of the Angels,
~Rev. Barbara 
The Salem Love Psychic